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FAQ's For Investing in VFD


Our shares are traded on the NASD


Our fiscal year ends on December 31 each year. Our consolidated results in accordance with IFRS are announced every quarter.

Yes, we have an ESG Policy.

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VFD Group 2021 Annual Reports

Released: 2022-05-30

VFD Group Q1 2022 Returns

Released: 2022-04-25

BROCHURE: VFD Corporate Deck

Released: 2022-01-01

Released: 2021-05-13
  • Released: 2021-05-13

HY 2020 IR Presentation

Released: 2020-01-01

Q2 Released: 2020-02-01
  • Q2 Released: 2020-02-01
Q3 Released: 2020-01-01
  • Q3 Released: 2020-01-01

2019 Annual Report

Released: 2019-01-01

Unaudited Financial Results

Released: 2019-09-30

Released: 2019-04-25
  • Released: 2019-04-25
Released: 2019-10-29
  • Released: 2019-10-29

Annual Reports

Released 2018-12-31

Q3 2022 Unaudited consolidated financial statements

Released 2022-30-30

Q2 2022 Unaudited consolidated financial statements

Released 2022-07-26

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 2022

Released 2022-06-01

Unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements

Released 2022-02-11

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 2021

Released 2021-10-25


Proxy Form

Released 201-05-01