VFD Group Employee Ezekiel Udama Shines at Lagos City Marathon

Lagos, Nigeria – February 12, 2024 – The annual Lagos City Marathon, held on Saturday, 10th February 2024, concluded with great enthusiasm, attracting participants from across Nigeria and around the world. The highly anticipated ninth edition, renowned for its cosmopolitan route and spirit of camaraderie, witnessed over six hundred thousand runners, including eighty-one world-class gold label elite runners.

Among the participants was Ezekiel Udama, a dedicated employee of VFD Group, who demonstrated his determination and exuberance throughout the event. This marked his second participation, having previously competed in 2018. Ezekiel tackled the 10km Marathon Race from Lekki to Eko Atlantic, proudly donning jersey number 33,600. For him, the Marathon served as a platform to enhance his physical endurance, time management skills, agility, and appreciation for community engagement.

Ezekiel’s impressive dedication and perseverance were duly recognized at the end of the Marathon, as he received a Medal of Honor for finishing among the top hundred participants. Reflecting on his experience, he  extended his heartfelt gratitude to VFD Group for their unwavering support leading up to the Marathon. Their encouragement and backing enabled him to stay focused on his training regimen and uphold his commitment to representing VFD Group. Ezekiel stated, “It was a remarkable journey, from the rigorous training sessions to crossing the finish line. Although I didn’t secure a podium finish, the race instilled in me invaluable lessons of passion and resilience, which surpassed my expectations.”

Looking ahead, Ezekiel eagerly anticipates competing again next year, aspiring for even greater achievement.


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