VFD Group’s 2018 Graduate Trainee Program came to an end few weeks ago and of the 8,000 applications that were received, only 16 young, smart and talented graduates were employed. VFD Group graduate trainee program is a rigorous 12 weeks on-the-job-training that includes an accounting boot camp, a sales boot map, soft skills and hard skills training, subsidiary rotations and presentations.

Three of the successful participants from the program; Zainab, Lilian and Osarieme share their experience:


Zainab Tiamiyu-Musa

Fondly addressed as Captain of the Titans, Zainab holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Lagos State University, she is also an ICAN certified accountant and is presently a member of the Finance team of Everdon Bureau De Change. She shares her Experience;

“My graduate trainee experience at VFD Group has been an awesome and eye-opening one. It’s been an enlightening journey where we had induction, rotations through various departments of the company and several soft skills sessions. During our rotations, we were allowed to have hands-on experience and solve real life business problems. I was also among those that was sent to go on an accounting Boot camp where I learnt the real-life accounting as opposed to classroom-based accounting. One very amazing thing I have come to realize about VFD Group is that this is a place where you can dream to be anything and where you can actually achieve that dream. This is something also evident from the caliber of individuals who are the drivers of this organization. They are young, ambitious, and highly inspiring. I cannot forget to mention that my team mates are amazing people that I have come to respect and love. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met young great minds like them. We are indeed the TITANS. In all, it’s been a wonderful journey and I am absolutely glad to have been a part of it”


lilian Ogbeche

Lilian graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, she is passionate about welfare and offering excellent services and is now with The Group’s Client Experience team. Here is what she have to say about the 2018 GT program;

“My experience in VFD Group’s Graduate Trainee Program can be described in four words; enlightening, engaging, challenging and life-changing. It’s been an amazing opportunity to belong to a work community that is so energetic, involving, inspiring and inclusive in such a way that I feel as much as a part of the Group like its Pioneers.  The past three months has been the most remarkable in my career’s journey so far.”


Osarieme Igbinoba

Osarieme is an alumnus of University of Benin where she bagged a B.Sc. in environmental Biology, she is an eloquent orator who is passionate about creativity. Osarieme now works with the Marketing and Corporate Communications team of The Group. She shares her experience;

“This training period has been one of growth, challenges, learning and personal development. VFD Group is a great organization to work with and is one that teaches you, never to settle for less. The people I met here have been so encouraging, inspiring and real. The rotations and weekly training have equipped me with skills necessary for personal and career development”

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