Fresh Experience – Olufemi Oke

Q: Its Exactly your first week with the brand, how has it been thus far?

A: Wow, the buzz and energy in this place is unbelievable. Lots of young yet really matured people making everyday decisions that affects and sets the tone for African business trend. It is just incredible the amount of talent hosted by the brand.
Naturally, I am a people person and I believe when your people thrive, your business will definitely thrive, now I am not surprised about the feats that’s been recorded by the brand. Here, you see a multicultural, diverse people working in cohesion, leading remarkable engagements and recording huge turnovers.

Q: What has surprised you about the job in the first week?

A: I think it’s the level of kind and motivating words of encouragement from the CEO and other executives to the team. It’s one thing to have a open-door policy as part of your culture, practicing such and making sure it is entrenched is another; I have seen the mentor culture in action here and the fact that even the executives do live the culture is something that means a lot to me.
Also, I am astounded at the synergy between departments to make you feel welcomed; the level of coordination from IT to get you your work tools, the amazing response time from HR when you are lost and need to find your way through the systems. Its like each and everyone makes it a personal responsibility to make this place home for you.

Q: Tell us about the best day you’ve had so far. And the worst day.

A: Everyday has been my best day, the fact that I can always build on newly acquire knowledge from yesterday to make today better helps make the ‘worst’ in the day go away.

Q: Any word for skilled Nigerians looking to come back home?

A: Yes, Nigeria is ready for business, you have the skills, the country has the market for you. Yes the challenges are there but in those challenges are the greatest opportunities for you to shine. Learn all you can from the developed world you are, look for a fertile environment like the VFD Group back home where you can invest those acquired skills and come back home so together, we can build the Africa of our dream.

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